Companies around the globe take advantage of external trade databases to answer vital questions:

  1. Who is buying the product? Which amounts?
  2. Who are my competitors? Who do they sell to? How much?
  3. Is the price I negotiate with the buyer fair? Which prices and supply basis take place between buyers and sellers?
  4. What are parameters of the product? Does my product fit?
  5. Does demand grow?
  6. Do I use optimal HS code for export/import of goods? Can I reduce customs dues? Do I need extra documents to comply with local legislation?

Correct answers are essential to develop marketing policy and overreach competitors.

However, getting answers is not simple as most data providers offer their clients non-refined customs records, being difficult to understand unless organized and summarized properly. Besides, in most cases data for a current year is not available in such databases.

RUEXIM offers accurate, up-to-date, thematic reports on Russian foreign trade which include:

  1. Raw data (database) in Excel format;
  2. Understandable Pivot tables with summaries answering most important questions.

Themes and contents of reports are available here
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