Import of white oil to Russia
Report is provided in Excel format. Data is based upon external trade declarations and includes:

  1. Raw data (database) with transactions. Data is prepared for further analysis and complemented with brief description of products traded. Columns include following information:
  • Name and address of the sender, manufacturer, receiver;
  • Amount of supply in in physical and monetary terms;
  • Supply basis and currency;
  • Description of the product;
  • TN VED code (HS code);
  • Origin country;
  • And many other (60+ columns in total);

2. Summarized data including Pivot tables:
  • Supplies from manufacturers to receivers by year and month, in kilograms
  • Supplies by receivers from each manufacturer, in kilograms
  • Contract prices by month shown in contract currency with indication of supply terms

Additional analysis is available upon request.

Keywords: Apar Industries, Columbia petro chem, Raj petro specialties, Gandhar oil refinery, Savita oil technologies, Exxon, Seojin chemical, Sonneborn refined products, Sip limited, Hansen & Rosenthal

HS Codes: 271019
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